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Juan Font Menu

With flavors from all over Spain


Marinated green olives - SEK 65

Cornichons - SEK 45

Salted Marcona almonds - SEK 65

Chorizo picante - SEK 65

Salty chips with house salsa Espinaler - SEK 65

Chips with jamon, silver onion and black pepper - SEK 85

Manchego with herb oil -  SEK75


Burned Manchego, Marcona almonds ,trufflehoney  - SEK110 

Jamon Trevelez 20 m 


Chorizo ​​ibérico bellota  


Steak Tartar

Swedish certified beef tenderloin with truffle cream,

caramelized foie gras, pickled silver onion

and root fruit chips

265 kr

Cheese & Charcuterie


One person

185 kr

Two persons  

330 kr

Four persons  

560 kr

Cheese Only

185 kr

Charcuteries Only 

185 kr

Spanish favourites

Albondigas (meatballs) with hot tomato sauce
and Manchego - SEK 105

Patatas bravas JF style - SEK 85

Piquillo peppers
filled with tuna paste and herbs - SEK 135

Broccolini with Salsa Romesco - SEK 125

Alcachofas empanizadas
(fried artichoke hearts) with aioli - SEK 125

Tortilla Española with green leaves
and your choice of accessories: - SEK 145
Jamón Trevelez
Hot shrimp paste
Garlic sauteed mushrooms
Tuna paste


With hot shrimp paste - SEK 135

With Salsa Romesco - SEK 65

With Sobrasada, cornichons
and pickled silver onion - SEK 115

With garlic and parsley - SEK 75

With garlic-fried mushrooms and parsley - SEK 105

With caramelized foie gras, marmalade
and pickled silver onion - SEK 165


Bread with butter - SEK 45

Aioli - SEK 45

Chili mayonnaise - SEK 45

Lemon -& black pepper mayonnaise - SEK 45


With tomato sauce, Jamon Trevelez, Manchego,
  chili and honey - SEK 175

With tomato sauce, prawns, herbal oil, lemon- &
black pepper mayonnaise, Manchego - SEK 175

With tomato sauce, mushrooms, garlic,
artichoke hearts, chili, Manchego - SEK 175


Crema Catalana

85 kr


Chocolate truffle

30 kr

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